Art in Hospitals & Doctor’s Offices

Hand Sewn Applique Banners & Architectural Art

Trust Banner Art Studio, a company with a 30 year track record of success in medical office interior design, to help you create a sense of community and well-being with our unique suspended art for large places. We design custom, kinetic mobile artwork and hanging banners for hospitals, dentist’s offices and doctor’s offices. Our fabric art sparks visual interest, celebrates your institution’s accomplishments, and is therapeutic for patients. Hanging mobiles and mobile installations are a form of kinetic art that enhances your hospital or office’s aesthetic, brightens large open spaces and send a positive, healing message.

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We are proud to design art for hospitals, dental office artwork and doctor’s offices including

  • Loyola Medical University, Chicago, Illinois
  • Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Southwest General Hospital, Middleburgh, Ohio
  • The Washington County Health Banner

“Our project, a centerpiece for the Health and Fitness Center, was completed on an accelerated schedule and to meet the budget criteria set by the University. Banner Art Studio succeeded in meeting both the schedule and the budget concerns.” Bruce Lutz – Project Interior Designer

Indoor Suspended Installations and Medical Office Wall Art for Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Suspended banners, fabric sculptures and fabric mobile art are ideal for hospital interior design. Decorate your open atrium, entryway or vaulted ceiling with cheerful, colorful and one-of-a-kind art. Children, patients and practitioners alike delight in the gentle movement and color our fabric sculptures add to interior spaces. Nurture a sense of well-being, hope and pride in your hospital or office by adding the magic of floating color and symbol. Banner Art Studio is commissioned by hospitals and doctor’s offices to create mobiles, which have a single hanging point, and mobile installations, which include multiple sculptures with multiple hanging points. Read about our work at Sutter Medical Plaza and Terrebonne General Medical Center

Banner Art for Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Hospitals, dentists and doctor’s offices have been benefiting from message-oriented banners by Banner Art Studio for over 30 years. Let us help you advertise upcoming events, reinforce core values, create a sense of community, and celebrate your office or institution’s accomplishments with custom, hand-sewn applique banner art. We create custom banners that highlight upcoming events or celebrate accomplishments at your institution. Trust the experts at Banner Art Studio for attractive artist-rendered design, eye-catching hand-sewn fabric graphics, and a track record of 30 years of experience with hospitals, dentists and doctor’s offices large and small across the U.S.