New Banners for Petersburg, Alaska


BannerArt has been proudly working with the popular fishing town of Petersburg, Alaska for the past three years.  The people of Petersburg are vibrant and outdoorsy, participating in fishing, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, berry picking and wildlife outings. It is no wonder these folk are proud of their town and want to showcase its history and beauty.

Working with the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce has been an enervating experience for me as a designer.  The enthusiasm of these people really illustrates what banners are all about.  Banners as an art form have a job: to represent the people of the community who want them displayed there.  Capturing the spirit of people like those of Petersburg, Alaska has fueled my love of this art form for 32 years.

Salmon Flag Pole Banner for Petersburg, Alaska


Public art is a hallmark of Petersburg. From artistic designs stamped in the concrete of the sidewalks, to “Rosemaling” (Norwegian toll-painting) on the fronts of retail stores and residences, to murals, totems and sculpture, the influence of local arts and crafts is ubiquitous. Banner Art Studio is very proud to work with this beautiful Alaskan town.

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One Response to New Banners for Petersburg, Alaska

  1. Sally Dwyer says:

    Mettje-great info on our community! It is truly a little piece of paradise set in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.
    The 20 banners on Main Street have added to the excitement and energy of shopping and visiting “downtown”. We are looking forward to hanging the 16 colorful new banners at the 4 harbor areas to welcome the fishermen home and the visitors to the island.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us,

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