Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners and street light banners help beautify city streets, neighborhood malls, and local plazas.

Our unique hand-sewn applique process offers a high-quality, unified look and inspires public identity for your main street or thoroughfare. Our quality and workmanship is fabricated of Dupont Solarmax fabric, stands the test of time and is the superior choice for the discerning downtown.

The graceful and colorful fluttering of street light banners showcase community pride and are popular part of a city’s beautification program.

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Custom Street Light Banners

Our fabric sewn street light banners get attention and compliments. They are two-sided, made of translucent nylon fabric and sewn with as many vibrant colors as wanted for your specific design, project or banner. Our light pole banners are hot cut from special nylon banner cloth which seals the edges and prevents any fraying. Our bright nylon, outdoor use fabric is very durable cloth, treated to prevent ultra violet degradation and easy to clean. The nylon fibers do not absorb grease or dirt and can easily be washed clean.

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Light Post Banners

Historic Districts have a special need for high quality, beautiful banners to integrate the landscape design with their small, classic light poles, light post banners or light post flags. Banner Art Studio light post banners are ideal for highlighting historic streetscapes, malls and plazas. In collaboration with her clients, which include municipalities, downtown groups and neighborhood associations, designer Mettje Swift and the artists at Banner Art Studio create triangular shaped decorative applique banners to highlight the streetscape.  Mettje’s design eliminates the bottom arm bracket which often invites vandalism, visually blocks the view or bumps heads.

For more examples of historic district banners, please see our Galleries.

Banner Art Studio is well known for our durable light post banners for city streets, historic districts, community buildings, recreation facilities, courtyards and neighborhood parks. Our light post banners render a stained glass effect. They are artist designed and constructed from bright, translucent, highly durable fabric. In high wind areas they can also incorporate mesh to reduce wind load.

All projects may include multiple designs, custom shapes, sizing, and color variations. Contact us today to discuss your Street Light Banner project.

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