Youth Center Abstract Art: Marine Corps Base in Hawaii

3/4-inch model for a mobile

Today Banner Art Studio got the go ahead on a project the Marine Corps Youth Center in Oahu Hawaii.  The committee requested a few changes on the original models, so Colorado artist Mettje Swift reworked the 3/4 inch scale model, added another shape to the balanced mobile and submitted the design work early yesterday morning.

Says Mettje of this project:

“There are three hours in time difference between Colorado and Hawaii, so I am able to work in the early mornings (my favorite time to work.) I sent off the photos to the interior designer, Susan Chun, to present to her clients just about the right time for Hawaii.  Very fun working around time zones.

Sometimes I send the models in Acrylic showcases, but limited budgets lead to cost cutting methods and we have a lot of luck using the internet with photos of the model.  I work with architectural plans, photos of the interior if available and knowledge  about the people who will use the space.

I really enjoy it when we get things right.”

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