1. What are the materials that Banner Art Studio uses to fabricate design work?

Nylon banner cloth is the best in the industry and made in the USA. We normally use two weights to achieve different effects.

  • 200 denier is lightweight and translucent, creating an effect of silken color.
  • 420 denier fabric creates a striking, more dense effect and is longer lasting.

The fabrics are treated to be resistant to ultra violet degradation and are fire retardant for indoor use.

2. How is Banner Art Studio fabric design art made?

A pattern is developed based on your specific needs and the context in which the fabric art will be installed. Fabric, structure and colors are specified to fit your unique design and environment, to complement your brand, to carry your logo throughout your interior or outdoor space.

Each piece of fabric is individually cut with a hot knife to seal its edges and prevent fraying. The pieces are sewn together using a border applique technique and a zigzag stitch along the narrow overlap between them. Banner Art Studio designs are, by technique, the same on both sides. The care we take in craftsmanship results in individualized works of art that are as stunning as stained glass.

3. How are the fabric artworks priced?

Each work is priced by its square-footage, and pricing depends on the complexity of the design. Size is not the determining factor for cost.

The cost of most one-of-a-kind banners ranges from $15 to $80 per square foot. This includes the entire cost of design, pattern lay-out, and fabrication in an unlimited number of colors. Design and Pattern fees are one time only which means replacement banners are made for you at fabrication cost.

The pattern remains in our collection and we may duplicate it for others. If you want exclusive rights to your patterns there is an additional fee.

4. Are the design and pattern fees separate?

The design and pattern fees are separate. First we create the design, and then the pattern. Once your pattern is developed, we can create as many fabrications as you wish. Colors can also be adjusted and varied. The design and pattern fees are paid in advance. The design fee is nonrefundable, but is part of the overall price and is part of the estimated cost.

5. Does Banner Art offer discounts?

Multiple banners from one pattern are substantially discounted. The cost can be from $6.00 to $50.00 per square-foot, depending on complexity of design.

6. How do I get my FREE estimate?

Simply give us a call at (719)657-2967 to consult with us. Describe what you want, and we will estimate a range of cost. The final cost is figured when the design phase is completed, but will fall within the estimated range.

7. How much lead time is needed to create my design?

The lead time depends on the size of the project. For instance, street banners have a shorter lead time than architectural interiors. Street banners require six to eight weeks from inception to finish. Interior and special projects usually demand a little more time, though we have completed projects in record time when needed. Because we are a specialized, custom-design studio, we can offer a high degree of flexibility and personalized customer service.

8. How do I learn more about Banner Art Studio?

View examples of completed work in our Galleries, learn more about how we create our art in Our Process, read about founding artist and lead designer Mettje Swift‘s background and philosophy, and get the latest about specific projects in our Blog. Call us direct at (719)657-2967 for personal attention. That’s what we do best.

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