Butterflies for Happy Hands Education Center

Banner Art Studio specializes in producing large scale hanging mobile sculpture and suspended installations for children. We recently produced a hanging fabric art display for the atrium of Happy Hands Education Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Happy Hands is a school for children with hearing loss and communication disorders that strives to empower children with confidence, education, life skills and the abilities necessary to achieve their dreams. View a photo Gallery of our large scale butterfly art.

Pictured left are the colorful suspended fabric and stainless steel butterflies that we created in collaboration with our client. They now adorn a high vaulted ceiling in the Happy Hands facility and symbolize transformation, transitions and joy.

The atrium hanging art features translucent DuPont Solarmax that catches the light entering the building from a row of windows. The butterflies are also visible from the interior of the building through facing windows.


The suspended mobile art was created specifically for our client to spark visual interest, enhance the facility’s aesthetic, brighten a large open space and send a positive, empowering message. Artist Mettje Swift and the Banner Art team have a knack for identifying what communities value based on interviews, conversations and focus groups. Our team is able to then develop a color scheme and deliver a sketch, scale model or 3D rendering of the piece (see our illustration for the client at Happy Hands, right).

Using this collaborative method, the finished hanging art reflects a client’s core values, spirit and aspirations. The mobile art butterflies reinforce Happy Hands Education Center’s core values, creates a sense of community, engages student imagination and enhances the learning process. The kinetic suspended mobiles are also a fun departure from the every day! Our art makes people happy, which is fitting with the name and mission of this organization.

Did You Know? Artist and founder of Banner Art Studio Mettje Swift is a Colorado artist who creates mobiles and large scale fabric art. She also produces exciting hands-on art workshops for children and teachers, play shelters, play houses and animal costumes for children’s facilities. She teaches kids the concepts of symbol making, design and how to make banner art in schools, museums, community centers and after school programs. The art of converting pictures into design form and using them to send a message is not your typical arts and crafts class! It can add spirit, pride, expression, beauty and originality to any kid’s program. Read more on our Art for Children’s Centers page.

Contact Banner Art Studio today if your organization or school is interested in a beautiful, quality mobile installation or other fabric art that will bring your educational program to life.

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