Bring the Outdoors In: Leafy, Botanical Suspended Installations

Bring the outdoors in with leafy, botanical suspended sculpture art from Banner Art Studio.

Waterfall, river and stream imagery brings a sense of peace and tranquility to your office atrium, zoo exhibit, nature center, hospital or education facility. Dentists offices love our work because it gives patients an uplifting focal point.

A leafy art sculpture paired with modern skylights brings to mind a relaxing forest retreat or garden bower for all who enter your space. Create a relaxing, meditative environment and bring balance and comfort with our custom commissioned art mobiles.

Founding artist and artistic director of Banner Art Studio Mettje Swift says, “Colors affect the psyche. The color green has to do with growth, becoming and transformation, perfect for school and medical center settings, Dark blues are royal, and connote higher being. Light blues are spiritual.” The suspended art installations are fabricated of translucent Dupont Solarmax, which catches ambient light, giving the mobiles a stained glass-like quality.

Our botanical art mobiles move subtly with interior air currents, and the slow turning movement is meditative and calming. The viewer’s creativity, perspective and thought processes are awakened when new angles of the same piece are seen. Clinics, cancer centers and hospitals have especially found that our art mobiles bring a tranquility to what can be a stressful environment.

The art sculptures animate spaces, adding light and color. See examples of our work in our Galleries.

Fill out our Contact Form or give us a call to get started. Banner Art Studio will work with you to design a completely new, custom art mobile that meets both your organizational objectives and enhances your building’s architectural style. Get started brightening up your interior space by contacting the artists at Banner Art Studio today.

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