Choosing Thread for a Project

Banner Art Studio’s artistic process for choosing the components of our projects is part art, part science! This thread selection was done recently for a light pole banner project for the Palmer Center in Colorado Springs, managed by Cushman Wakefield. Banner Art Studio has been doing banners for this repeat client since 1986. Which color do you think we chose?

We rely on traditional color theory to inform our color choices, and of course Mettje’s expert artistic eye informs our final decision. The nylon thread choices pictured here pick up the nylon fabric colors and blend with the many different colors of the light pole banner in progress. We look for the color that blends with the majority of colors in any tapestry. For this project, we chose the middle color.

Our made-in-the-U.S.A. fabric sewn light pole banners brighten any thoroughfare. Our unique hand-sewn applique process offers a high-quality, unified look and inspires public identity for main streets and downtowns all over America. They are two-sided, made of translucent nylon fabric and sewn with as many vibrant colors as needed for your specific design, project or banner. They are hot cut from special nylon banner cloth which seals the edges and prevents any fraying. Our bright nylon, outdoor use Solarmax fabric is very durable cloth, treated to prevent ultra violet degradation and easy to clean. The nylon fibers remain attractive, while repelling grease and dirt, and can easily be washed clean.

To view photography of  installations we have done for downtown districts, commercial real estate properties, historic districts and main streets, check out our Photo Gallery.

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