Outdoor Butterfly Fabric Art Ready to Ship

Spring is busting out all over! Our studio is once again full to the brim with bright, eye-catching oversized butterfly fabric art, ready to ship to our client the Indianapolis Zoo.

These giant butterflies will guide Zoo patrons from outside the glass Conservatory into the all-new Butterfly Kaleidoscope exhibit, a project we created hanging mobile art for (view plans and artist sketches for the outdoor art here). Below is a rendering of how we imagine the outdoor installation will look when complete. We can’t wait to see actual photographs!

It’s April and the outdoor gardens surrounding the Conservatory are just coming alive at the Indianapolis Zoo, with Pink Glory of the Snow, Daffodils and Blue Scilla all in bloom. (Check the Zoo’s What’s Blooming Now page before you visit). The colors on yellow butterfly should fit in nicely!

The outdoor butterflies currently under production for the Zoo are much like the light pole banners and street light banners produced by Banner Art Studio to beautify city streets, neighborhood malls, parking lots and local plazas. They offer a unified look and inspire  public identity for nationally-recognized main streets and thoroughfare throughout the United States.

Our outdoor art is:

  • attention-getting
  • two-sided, made of translucent nylon fabric and custom-sewn with as many vibrant colors as desired
  • hot cut from special nylon banner cloth, which seals the edges and prevents fraying
  • made from durable, bright nylon outdoor use fabric treated to prevent ultra violet degradation and repel dirt
  • washable
  • comes with an optional maintenace plan
  • a source of community pride for years to come

See the finished product, and learn about the process through an interview with our client Jo Hohlbein, here.

View our Gallery of Large Scale Butterfly Art Installations.

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Read more about Our Process and the materials we use on our FAQ page

Contact Us Today. We would love to collaborate with you and create outdoor fabric art to enhance your community!

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