Commissioned Translucent Fabric Art

Mettje Swift designs fabric art to fit your space, event and people.

She will need to know the size of the space, the theme/symbols and the structure of the ceiling. Please see examples of our work to inspire you.

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Cities & Municipalities, Downtown Districts

Our municipal art work is deeply allied with in celebration, community pride and shared aspirations. Like renaissance banners, we adorn interior architecture and adorn outdoor street banner scapes. Mettje’s expertise brings a unique atmosphere to public spaces.

Community Events, Festivals and Performances

Across the Street Mural Banners are beautiful fabric art murals that stretch across main streets in downtown districts and shopping areas. These fabric murals announce a message in a way that shows creativity.

Zoos, Conservatory Atriums, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums

Both inside and outside, our beautiful fabric works complete the feeling of excitement. Mettje Swift is particularly good at representing the natural world in kinetic sculptural context. Her suspended structures can include poles and attachments.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

One of the most important things we can do with this art form is create an identity. Schools, Colleges and Universities in particular use our work to tell their story. Mettje Swift helps identify symbols that represent human aspirations to be fulfilled through education.

Public Facilities, Commercial Properties, Architects and Designers

Many of our clients include corporate headquarters, Convention Centers and large Public Facilities. The Designers and Clients are looking for something bright, light weight and incorporates color and motion.

Medical Centers and Children’s Hospitals

Hospitals so often are large and open with too many echos. To humanize a space and to bring interest as well as sound absorption is an important architectural detail to enhance and animate spaces

Banner Art Studio Process

We engage in a four-step process with our clients to provide amazing project results.

1. Assess

Mettje will work with you, your organization and available resources to design a piece that meets your needs and complements your space. The Needs Assessment will allow us to propose the plan the time of delivery as well as the cost of your art installation. The price of the final piece is dependent upon size, materials and complexity.

2. Design

Mettje and her team will prepare a visual representation of your project in a format that makes the most sense for you. We will deliver a sketch, scale model or 3D rendering of the piece including the installation’s exact specifications.

3. Build

community The Banner Art Production Studio handcrafts the installation, bannerscape or flags in our 7,000 square foot studio in Del Norte, Colorado. Our technique is extraordinary and based upon years of experience. Banner Art Studio can design for new and interesting spaces, structures  to meet both your organizational objectives and enhance your architectural style, your streetscape, park or event.

4. Install

We have developed an assembly process for our suspended installations that makes them easy to install. All of our artwork features easy cleaning. Installing your finished piece can be as simple as, “hanging a tree ornament.”  Think of Mettje’s work as jewelry for architectural spaces.  Complete and detailed installation instructions are provided with every piece.

Indianapolis Zoo

“The entire installation is fantastic, beautiful and unique. Mettje is able to create things that are both artistic and functional. She’s a true artist, but has the ability to think things through, and she has a real knack for engineering. What Banner Art did for us really works for the Zoo, and Mettje is a joy to work with.”

Jo Hohlbein, Creative Director

Purple Cherry Architects

“Banner Art’s large scale hanging art installations take the next step and help convey emotion, using colors and shapes that are familiar to a person, like doves, hearts and the autism puzzle piece. I was looking for a hanging art mobile that was large scale. The fact that Banner Art Studio mobiles are fluid and move continuously with interior air currents was very interesting to us. We saw that this would create excitement within the space. My goal was to take that excitement to an emotional level for the viewer.”

Cathy Cherry, Architect

City of Cortez

“Banners from Banner Art Studio give us a way to promote events going on all summer long. They are a communication tool, but they’re beautiful. The look is unexpected, colorful, and draws the eye. They do a great job of communicating to visitors and reminding locals about what’s coming up. I have never found anyone else who can compare to Mettje and her team at Banner Art Studio. The beauty of her work is that it can be so personalized, yet the process is surprisingly simple.”

Ami Fair, City of Cortez

City of Durango

“The City has purchased over 700 banners during the course of our association with Banner Art Studio. There have been very few problems associated with the design or manufacture of these banners. This has been accomplished by the close personal attention Mettje gives to her business. Any minor problems that may have arisen were handled promptly and efficiently.”

Karen Herman, City of Durango, Colorado

City of Durango

“The banner is beautiful and looked so good in the July 4th parade. Thanks again for your quality work and remarkable turnaround time!”

Anna McBrayer, Fort Lewis College

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