The Tropicals

We have crated up the butterflies and they will be picked up Monday by UPS International Air to ship to Potsdam Germany to hang in a Biosphere.

It seems that tropical butterflies have a lot of black coloring with bright contrasting colors. In order to add more interest, I used dark colors instead of black when I designed the patterns. At times we were cutting four layers of fabric; cutting with our hot knives. It created rich, deep dark colors that were shivery to look at when back lighted.

This post is intended to share photos of my team at work. I have to sing the praises of the craftsmanship of these people. It is admirable. It is intricate work and we personally handle each one.

The Blue Morpho is a large butterfly famous in tropical environments

Two of the butterflies hang in studio

Sometimes stitches have to be ripped

Hanging the butterfly 

Outdoors in the bright high mountain sun the butterfly shines

Basting the cut pieces back together

Sewing the butterfly tapestry onto the frame

This shows the layout of the final butterfly named ‘Baby’, the smallest of our family of seven tropical butterflies. ‘Baby’ floats overhead in the Banner Art Studio workshop waiting to ship to Germany.