I want to introduce you to my new designs for suspended atrium butterfly art. We’re working for the Biosphere in Potsdam, Germany creating large scale translucent Tropical Butterflies.

You may be familiar by now with our work with butterfly sculptural art. We made outdoor butterflies with wingspan of 9 feet that were mounted on stainless steel poles set in the ground. We put 2 sculptures on each pole. Since then, we have hung butterflies from ceilings in atriums, hallways and reception areas to brighten up the interior and welcome people in.

Made of nylon banner cloth and lightweight stainless tubing, they float beautifully in the interior air currents of your building.

You’ll enjoy every minute.

TROPICAL BUTTERFLY DESIGNS in progress. There are five designs in their early development. Once the designs are finished they are available for sale in the sizes of your choice. 

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These are commissioned by the Biosphare Potsdam in Germany. The organization has a butterfly event planned for late September. We’re excited, new butterflies are always fun.