Mettje Swift

The Art of Beautiful Butterflies

Mettje Swift

The Art of Beautiful Butterflies

Mettje Swift

utterThe Art of Beautiful Butterflies

Mettje Swift

The Art of Beautiful  Butterflies

Transform Your Space

Butterflies represent transformation and new beginnings. Translucent fabric in vivid colors creates beautiful butterflies. Lightweight and flexible, the butterflies move in the air, adding color and vibrancy to any space. Whether it’s a butterfly sculpture exhibit, an interior suspended mobile sculpture, or hanging birds and flying things, Banner Art Studio can bring your vision to life. Let’s get started with project planning. Call us or fill out the contact form below and Mettje will give you a call back. Banner Art Studio will fabricate a new design just for you, highlighting your organizational objectives and enhancing the building’s architectural style.

Tropical Butterfly Atrium Art

These are some of the suspended mobile butterfly sculptures at the Biosphere Potsdam that were installated in October 2023.

Longwing Tropical butterfly

Blue Morpheus Butterfly

Mellow Yellow

Tropical White Butterfly installed, 2023

Priamus Design by Mettje Swift copyright 2023

“Priamus” suspended butterfly installed 2023

Outdoor Butterfly Sculpture Exhibits

The Indianapolis Zoo commissioned Mettje to create and celebrate their Butterfly Exhibit at White Gardens. Mobile Sculptures on “Trees” was the answer. The large and colorful butterfly sculptures are approximately nine feet in wingspan from tip to tip of the top wings and from wing tip to bottom edge is about 7 feet. READ MORE ...

Outdoor “Butterfly Trees” surround the Conservatory at the Indianapolis Zoo in the White River Gardens. They announce an annual butterfly exhibit. Each has stainless steel armature and “trees” that support the sculptures that are fifteen feet in height. The poles and stands are made of stainless steel pipe and tubing.

Butterfly Exhibits use structured and sculpted butterflies to create kinetic art installations.  The large-scale butterflies humanize the environments and attract interest.  The art adds motion, color and brightness to create an inviting atmosphere.

Mettje’s butterflies have become a hallmark of her work. Butterfly Pavilions, Butterfly Gardens and Exhibit Halls are her main clients. Zoos, Aquariums and Museums enjoy the attention that butterfly mobiles bring.

Interior Suspended Mobile Sculpture

Balanced large scale mobiles have multiple separate parts that balance from one another. Each part balances from the others above and the whole mobile hangs from one point at the ceiling. The open style, classic mobile art fills atriums and hallways using any lighting to brighten the space. READ MORE ...

 “Transformation” is the meaning of butterflies in most cultures. This suspended mobile hangs from one point. It represents the stages of life inthe entry 3-story atrium at Terrebonne Medical Center. This is a full view from the bottom looking up, showing the butterfly stages of life

“Butterfly and Water Droplets”

The theme of the mobile represents a company which purifies water for distribution headquartered in Mexico City, MX. In this small, well lighted atrium, the mobile adds intimacy to the space at the same time that it  represents the corporate logo. 

In-Studio photo of hand stitching the Terrebonne monarch butterfly cover to the stainless tubing frame. Banner Art Production Studio (

“Flutterby Hallway”

Crystal River Elementary School in Carbondale, CO chose this playful installation to go down an atrium hallway from one side of the school to the other.

Hanging Birds and Flying Things

Bird sculptures fly through the air, visually catch attention, as they turn and dip. Suspended from cable, lightweight, easy to put up and take down, all are suitable for many settings. They offer a kind of wayfaring system. Large institutions can mark their hallways and direct people to their destination, mapping the way. READ MORE ...

Crystal River Elementary School in Carbondale, Colorado commissioned small birds and butterfly mobiles to tie two wings and the second floor together and create a “flow” marking the way for students and visitors alike. 

Showing the Autumn Colorado Blue Jay mobile cluster (one of four seasons) in the Upper Rio Grande School. Suspended and rotating, each mobile of each season is a stand alone artistic mobile.

“Wheeling Warbler”

Wheeling University in Wheeling, West Virginia wanted to absorb sound and add beauty to the University Student Center. One whole wall of the atrium is glass and the suspended sculpture in motion can be seen from outside also.

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