Suspended Atrium Art & Sculpture

Banner art is suspended art. Nylon fabric installations include individual elements, structured and balanced to hang from ceilings in atriums where they naturally move with the interior air currents. The art is sewn out of beautiful nylon fabric into a tapestry of color. It is structured to fill an empty space with gentle movement and color.

Mettje Swift designs suspended art. The translucent colors animate and humanize our experience of architecture. Our Suspended Art Installations in translucent, jewel-toned fabric is sculpted, structured and shaped to catch the light.

Suspended Art Installations

Our Suspended Art Installations use the translucent, jewel-toned fabric tapestry in structured panels which catch the light and air currents. Suspended installations serve to absorb sound as well as add color and motion to the human environment. READ MORE ...

A group of colorful kites flying in the air.

 Commissioned for the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamagordo, New Mexico for a their new health facility.

A ceiling with many colorful kites hanging from it.

The imagery was inspired by the vibrant colors of New Mexican sunsets. The flow of colors and gentle movement of the continuum of 28 panels down 80 feet of a long corridor adds a feeling of vibrancy and animates the space.

A colorful sculpture of an animal in the middle of a building.

The fabric is light translucent nylon swathed on stainless steel tubing, welded armature. The angles and balance are created by small cable bridled from 3 attachment points.

Suspended Mobile Art Installations

Schools, Universities and Health Centers commission Mettje to create a suspended fabric art mobile installations, usually in atriums. “Seasons†comes up in Mettje’s work often and is adds a colorful, light and airy atmosphere. READ MORE ...

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

The goal was to animate the space. The color and motion of the pieces as they move within the natural air currents of the building create.

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

From morning to evening and into the night when even moonlight can change the colors, a unique atmosphere is created by the fabric shapes.

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

There are four individual translucent hanging mobiles, one per season,  balanced in the atrium of a new school. Each ‘cluster’ depicts in color and theme the four seasons of the Rocky Mountains.

Translucent Interior Atrium Art

Atriums in hallway, entryway, conservatory, exhibit halls, an office building, daycare, and school facilities, hospitals and corporate offices, maybe even your own home, offer the perfect location for our suspended atrium art. READ MORE ...

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

“Warblers in Flight†Cerulean Warblers represent, Wheeling University in Wheeling, West Virginia. This balanced mobile sculpture measures 28′ vertically and 11′ horizontally and is suspended in a large atrium of the student center.

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

“Transformation†Terrebonne General Medical Center, Houma, Louisiana

This large scale mobile is balanced to suspend from one point at the ceiling. The design represents the goals of the hospital. The sewn surface design of leaves and monarch butterflies represents transformation, renewal, healing, and regeneration.

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

 “Crescents†is an installation of three suspended mobiles in an entryway to a corporate building in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mettje Swift designs aerial works of art that are made with stainless steel armature and covered in a tapestry of translucent nylon fabric. With natural or artificial light, the fabric lights up like stained glass. 

The gentle movement of the suspended art creates shadows within the translucent tapestry of the sculpture, adding depth and texture.

A ceiling with many colorful kites hanging from it.

Summer Skiesâ€Â  suspends in a large atrium in Parker, Colorado.

A colorful display of kites in the lobby.

Our Suspended Art Installations, use the translucent, jewel-toned fabric panels to catch the light and air currents. For the Indianapolis Zoo, the mobile banners inside the Conservatory, intend to attract attention, make visitors feel more welcome and mimic the colors of butterflies.

Artists Statement


I think of my work as jewelry for architectural spaces.  —Mettje Swift

The art moves with the air and changes hues with the sunlight. Kaleidoscopic effects, colors blending, the translucent art has moods.

The next step was to capture the magic of the lighting, day or night.

The kite like appearance of the sculptures add grace and balance, the kinetic forms bring a meditative spirit to suspended works.

I suspend, drape, structure and form the elements to fit the architecture. Structures and armatures show off the stained glass effect of the fabric by catching the lighting angles in all sites, in spaces both interior and exterior. The translucent fabric, a lovely 200 denier nylon, gathers the light and shines. My design seeks the elegant line, the graceful line that turns it into fabric architectural art. Natural and artificial light brings out the jewel tones of the fabric. The installations are creatively adapted to the location.


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