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The Tropicals We have crated up the butterflies and they will be picked up Monday by UPS International Air to ship to Potsdam Germany to hang in a Biosphere. It seems that tropical butterflies have a lot of black coloring with bright contrasting colors. In order to...

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Tropical Butterfly Suspended Art

I want to introduce you to my new designs for suspended atrium butterfly art. We're working for the Biosphere in Potsdam, Germany creating large scale translucent Tropical Butterflies. You may be familiar by now with our work with butterfly sculptural art. We made...

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Butterfly Art Banners

We Do Butterfly Outdoor Art These are my Outdoor Abstract Butterfly Art. They mount on a pole that has a ground attachment. Mounted on fiberglass poles outdoors, they make an incredible statement during fairs, music festivals, and reunions. They say fun in the sun....

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Art Flags — Sculpture in Motion

Flying flags as an art form is a wonderful experience. Experiential, kinetic colors of the wind. Flags are sculpted in the moment by thebreezes, storms and winds. You can watch the currents of the air lift and wrap the fabric around and then let it go. I call it...

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What is Banner Art?

What is Banner Art? Banners are an ancient form of art. Using fabric and stitching, artists created beautiful banner art, standards made of cloth which bear a symbol, logo, image or message for the purpose of display in public places to represent human aspirations and...

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Alpha Day Care in Princeton, TX

Mettje designed 15, single butterfly mobiles to be installed in a large grouping in the entryway to the new Alpha Day Care preschool facility.  Many educational institutions, schools and universities like the easily hung individual mobiles. This gives the...

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Centralia School in Buena Park CA

This is the most recent suspended sculpture project for Banner Art Studio. The unique challenge in assembling this mobile installation was the Three Dimensional aspect of the “bulb†of the flower in the central element of the kinetic...

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Telluride Film Festival, September 2021.

Every year Mettje converts the poster for that season into a large 5’ x 8’ banner to join all the other banners around the Town of Telluride during the Festival to celebrate all the years.Design for banner pattern-- Mettje...

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