This is the most recent suspended sculpture project for Banner Art Studio. The unique challenge in assembling this mobile installation was the Three Dimensional aspect of the “bulb†of the flower in the central element of the kinetic sculpture. I pulled up some old dressmaking skills and using the inspiration of the great fashion designers, draped fabric across the “formâ€.  Pins became my very best friends.  Very fun and very challenging. 


Each of the elements swivels and moves in incremental amounts as the other elements move. The attached photos are In-Studio during production. Final photos aren’t available yet. I will post them when they come in.


In-Studio suspension for small adjustments to the final central element.


Aaron in his role as the Ladder Man, bringing down the central element for final changes


The flower bulb and petals


The middle of the flower “bulb†is almost a stand alone mobile piece. It measures 3 feet across by about 5 feet long.


Photo taken by the installation crew showing the final conformation of the suspended mobile installation